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naomi_icontest's Journal

Naomi Watts Icontest
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Welcome to the first icontest community dedicated to the beautiful and talented actress Naomi Watts! We will hold weekly challenges where you submit an icon based on a theme or picture, then hold voting where the winners and mod's choice will recieve banners. Have fun!


→ Only enter brand new and original icons. That means that the icon must be specifically created for the challenge and a base may NOT be used.
→ Icons must be withing LJ standards, so it must be no greater than 40KB and 100x100 pixels.
→ Brushes, animations, and text are all welcome. This is not a hush or still challenge community!
→ Voting is anonymous. That means that the filename should not contain your username and should not be posted elsewhere before/during voting.
→ Do not tell your friends to vote for you. You can tell them to vote on a challenge, but you can not tell them which icon is yours.
→ To win, you must vote.
→ You are not allowed to vote for yourself.

to enter...

→ Please post in this format:


→ All comments will be screened.
→ Make sure that your icon is hosted somewhere that allows hot-linking. Photobucket is a reliable host. If your icon does not show up, it can not be included in the voting. Sorry!


→ A new contest is posted every Sunday.
→ The deadline to get your icons in is midnight, Friday, EST.
→ Voting will be put up early Saturday.
→ Voting lasts until Sunday, which is when results will be posted.


→ Vote for your favorite icons via a screened comment.
→ Voting is weighted: 3 points for a first place vote, 2 for second, and 1 for third. This may change, however, based on how many icons are recieved that week.
→ A mod's choice will also be awarded based on my favorite icon.
→ Each winner will recieve a banner.
→ Again, to win you must vote and DO NOT vote for yourself.


→ If there's a challenge where we don't provide the image for you, you'll have to find your own.

→ Two brilliant places to look would be at Naomi Watts Online and hires_hotties' memories for Naomi Watts.

→ Thank you, __free_layouts for the coding. Header by spins.


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→ Drop me a line, preferably through email, to affiliate. :) ♥