Laurel (spins) wrote in naomi_icontest,

Challenge 10- AIDS

Naomi has recently been appointed UNAIDS Special Representative. Interpret the theme however you wish! A nice place to look for images is the gallery. Feel free to ask me any questions in a comment separate to your entry.

→ Use any image. Blends are allowed.
→ You may submit up to 3 icons for this challenge.
→ Submit your icons to this post. All comments will be screened.
→ Don't post your icons elsewhere before the voting is over.
→ Icons must fit LJ standars, no bigger than 40KB and 100x100 pixels.
→ To enter, you must be a member.
→ Any questions go in a comment separate from your entry.
→ Entries are due Friday, June 23th by midnight, EST.

I know that's a short time span, sorry. Next time I'll have a new challenge up on Saturday.
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